Feast & Run.


I am Liza. Or LizaQ. Bonsai. Lisa Teresa De Lara Quintos on legal papers. I’m a comic of sorts, and I am contradiction as much as conviction. Running has been my stress management, my meditation, as much as swimming, but I find it easier to strap on a pair of trainers than to fit into a swim costume at times. Food is my passion. All kinds of food almost, and I will try (almost) anything if only to make me realise what people ooohh and ahhhh for. I didn’t go through formal kitchen training, but learned from chefs and bakers I have worked with, from lola’s, aunt’s and friends who know I would appreciate a good recipe and I am a gracious receiver and collector of good recipes! This tug-of-war of feasting and running has been going for many years. I eat to satisfy a craving, and I run to burn off giving into the craving I’ve just enjoyed. Both the feast and the run make me very happy, so I should say this tug-of-war has turned into a marriage of bliss and balance.

On the full-time, I work as a writer and a researcher. On the side, I cook for special occasions, a concept called shared dinning, and it is always work that isn’t too difficult or too complicated that people are going to think of me as a trying-hard food snob. I am what I am, a simple someone who creates food that is tasty, and enjoys taking the time to present different textures on a plate, who plays with colours and dimension, bringing a bit of surprise by introducing new flavours. Thus the name of my company, The New Food In Town.

With age sneaking up on this fourty-something-year old, I realise our time is limited and our bodies must be nurtured and fed with things we love and can have, and things that are good for us. I bring some ideas, but not strictly adhering to any particular diet, to make the experience of eating something that won’t always have to bring guilt from pleasure. And while I eat, while I cook and feed, I also bring inspiration for those that enjoy a run with me in little (or big) doses of laughter and food for thought.

I am here to share food experiences, recipes, running and how I’ve learned to enjoy both. Because life is all about enjoyment, and knowing we could choose it over struggle


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